Squalane: Prevents skin dehydrating. It is best used as a dry skin moisturizer but it is also effective for people with sensitive skin. It is an antioxidant and will help to prevent age spots or hyperpigmentation.

Find Certified Organic Squalane in these Products:

Retail Products
Ombres et Lumières
– Rose Calice
– Douceur de Camel
– Éclats de Noisette
– Fleur du Désert
– Bleu Saphir
– Cœur de Lys
– Peaux Claires
– Peaux Mâtes
– Bleu
– Brun
– Noir
– Prune
– Vert
Crayon à Lèvres
– Beige Charnel
– Rouge Séduction
AQUA PHYT’S Crème Hydratante
AQUA PHYT’S Fluide Hydratant

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