From the very beginning, all PHYT’S products were based on natural ingredients. Cult products such as Crème Absolue, Gommage Contact + and Serum C17 still remain the foundation of the brand.


PHYTAL is created

In 1972, Biologist and Naturopath Jean Paul Llopart joined forces with Esthetician Rosanne Verlé to create PHYTAL, a natural cosmetic brand designed specifically for the Professional Esthetician. Inspired by their revolutionary approach in which beauty is inseparable from overall health, they laid the foundation for Naturo-Esthétique® by linking ecology with a natural philosophy. Jean Paul and Rosanne were true pioneers in the natural cosmetic industry.


J.P. LLOPART files a patent

In 1974, Jean Paul LLOPART files a patent after he succeeds in packaging masks, creams and serums in glass ampoules which protect the products from damaging outside conditions. The hermetically sealed ampoules ensure the product is as active and fresh as the day it was packaged without the use of synthetic preservatives. This single-use treatment dose provides complete hygiene for both the Esthetician and their client. To date this packaging format continues to be used in our Professional Spa Treatments.



In 1976, Biologist and Naturopath Jean Paul Lopart and Esthetician Rosanne Verlé re-brand PHYTAL to PHYT’S AROMATIC. This new brand name refers to Phytotherapy (treatment by plant maceration) and Aromatherapy (treatment with essential oils).


Products packaged in tubes

In 1982, Biologist and Naturopath Jean Paul Lopart and Esthetician Rosanne Verlé begin packaging in PHYT’S AROMATIC aluminum tubes for the at-home use Retail sales market in addition to their existing in-spa Professional Treatments.


Specific treatment kits

In 1985, Biologist and Naturopath Jean Paul Lopart and Esthetician Rosanne Verlé group the Professional Care ampoules into specific treatment kits designed to care for each individuals’ skin care needs.


Begin packaging in polyfoil

In 1990, Biologist and Naturopath Jean Paul Lopart and Esthetician Rosanne Verlé begin packaging the Retail products in Polyfoil Tubes. The tubes were specifically designed to block light, air and moisture to preserve the Natural ingredients of each product and are 100% recyclable.

These 100% recyclable tubes are made of 3 protective layers:

  • Layer 1 – Plastic
  • Layer 2 – Food Grade Aluminum
  • Layer 3 – Clear Plastic


Becomes Certified Organic

In 2003, Biologist and Naturopath Jean Paul Lopart and Esthetician Rosanne Verlé took PHYT’S to the next level and became Certified Organic to the COSMEBIO Standard by ECOCERT. The COSMEBIO label guarantees a Certified Organic Cosmetic.


Qualite France is chosen

In 2009, PHYT’S becomes certified by QUALITE FRANCE, a subsidiary of BUREAU VERITAS, the most renowned certifying agency in the world. Each product must use a minimum of 95% or more certified organic plant ingredients in their manufacture; use Ecological and Environmental manufacturing practices; and have complete traceability of the finished organic cosmetic and its raw materials.