Phyt’s Bio-Active Slimming


Phyt’s Bio-Active Slimming

Slimming Booster

DURATION: 45 minutes


With its synergy of specific slimming and toning techniques, PHYT’S Bio-Active Slimming professional products are both natural and effective. The properties of the active ingredients in this treatment help to eliminate excess water retention and fatty deposits. This Bio-Active slimming treatment stimulates circulation, firms and reduces the orange peel appearance of the skin.

The treatment, carried out in multiple stages, is designed to achieve the best possible results. The mechanical modelling technique aims to boost the body’s slimming action and complete PHYT’S signature manual maneuvers. Finally, at the end of the treatment the Chrono Stimulator is used to provide comfort, firm the skin and prevent the storage of fat throughout the day. This treatment offers an ideal addition to dieting and physical exercise.


  • Stimulates slimming
  • Activates the burning of fats
  • limits the appearance of orange skin

How To Use

Once to twice a week for 12 sessions.


Natural Caffeine

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