Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and PHYT’S USA stands in solidarity with those fighting breast cancer, as well as those who have survived and those in our memories that we have lost. 

This year, we’re making a pledge to spend the month spreading awareness about breast cancer and encouraging monthly self-examinations along with taking a moment to schedule an annual mammogram. Help the cause by visiting our social media channels and sharing our messages with family, friends, and followers.

Early detection saves lives. 💗

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PHYT’S USA offers two specially formulated products derived from Natural and Organic Ingredients to promote breast health and encourage self-examination.

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Sérum Buste and Crème Buste are offered at half-price during Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

Rich in Essential Oils and nourishing anti-aging plant extracts,
Sèrum Buste helps to regain tone and elasticity to breasts without the use of hormones.

Créme Buste is a gentle nourishing cream free of hormones that tones the bust and helps to maintain a soft, smooth and supple décolleté.

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